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    2016-2017 Calendar

    PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support)

    Delta Charter will be rewarding those students who display positive behavior during school.

     Examples of behaviors that will eliminate a student from the celebration are:·      Detention or suspension (this includes uniform violation)

    • ·      Disruptive behavior in class
    • ·      Gum Chewing
    • ·      Tardy to school and class
    • ·      Disrespect
    • No Homework/projects
    • Playing in hallways and bathrooms

    For the 3rd Nine Weeks, student receiving 6 marks will not attend the reward event.  8 marks will result in after school detention.  

    Revised Tardy Policy

    Due to a large number of students tardy to school, we are instituting a revised tardy policy.

    On the student’s fifth tardy to school and for each tardy thereafter during a nine weeks, he/she will serve afternoon detention.

    On the eighth tardy and thereafter during a nine weeks, the student will report to Saturday School.


    2016-2017 Enrollment Application 

    Complete this form and return it to the school by March 18, 2016.  

    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell Phones must be turned off and out of sight at all times during school hours (silencing a phone is not the same as turning the phone off). We will follow the discipline procedure listed below whenever student’s phone goes off or if the student’s phone is observed by a school employee.

    Discipline Procedure for cell phones:

    1st Offense— Phone taken and parent must pick up the phone.

    2nd Offense—Phone held for five school days and parent must pick up the phone

    3rd Offense—Phone held for 10 school days and student receives one day suspension. Parent picks up

    4th Offense—Phone held for 15 school days and student receives a three day suspension. Parent picks

    5th Offense—Phone held for remainder of school year.


    All DC students from Kindergarten-11th grade will have Accelerated Reader goals. First-11th grade students took a test at the beginning of the year which showed what grade level they read on and let us on know a range  that the students should be reading within. The students have three goals they are supposed to meet.

    • Point goal is based on their results from the Star assessment and 30 minutes daily reading.
    • Accuracy goal is 85%...This is figured by averaging the scores of all of the AR tests the student takes
    • Book Level goal is the low end of the ZPD or the range in which the students should be reading.

    Students will receive a grade in English based on their progress toward these goals.  Students are reading for 15 minutes in homeroom and will need to read nightly at home.

    You can monitor your child’s progress on Home Connect. Ask your child what their username and password is. If they do not know you may contact your child’s teacher or Cindy Peterman.

    Get Connected through REMIND

    If you would like to receive texts about events going on around the school follow these directions.
    If you would like to receive texts about Twisters follow these directions

    2015-2016 Dress Code
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    Sports Requirements

    If you have a student at Delta Charter that would like to play sports you must complete three forms. To access these forms click HERE. Please return them and a copy of your birth certificate to Jeannie Beach.